Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I'm very pleased to show you a little "digital comic" (or "turbo media" as i like to call it for fun) drawn by the fantastic barth (see the link in my list).
I've written and storyboarded it, inspired by barth's original character "Monkey Girl".
I'm so amazed to see how barth turned my god awful rough drawings into the beautiful art you're about to see.
(and yes, I was watching "The Shield" when i did this, and it shows.)
Anyway, hope you'll like it, and expect to se more of the dirty duo soon.
read it here:


Catsuka said...


Anonymous said...

tu peux le mettre en français s'il vous plait..............!!

malec said...

je pouvais entendre le vent souffler dans mes zoreilles et sentir la route sous les peneux.
putin cest trop genial!

CA3 said...

Looks like this comic you're doing is going to be a fun read. Good stuff.

Mathieu said...

Putain c'est le truc le plus génial que j'ai jamais vu... Sérieusement, je viens de découvrir le turbomédia avec ça, j'arrive même pas à décrire comment c'est énorme. Please keep goin'.