Thursday, June 29, 2006


Call me unoriginal bastard, but here I come.
My previous account on tooblog was deleted, so I guess I'll take a chance here...
Here are some random new material... Most of them have something to do with a pyrat movie i've worked on with my oh so beloved comrades for the past 8 monthes.
Hope you'll like this new-not so new blog anyway...

And yes i'm writing in english even if i'm french because english sounds cool.


Mitolerare said...

Preum's ^^

C'est toujours aussi cooooooool.
C'est super de voir du nouveau de toi.

Tout est tip top, clip clap WAOUW.

Soooooo Fuuuuun!!!!

Vivement les strips SD qui déchirent et les gros seiiiiins.

Et au fait, bravo pour pyrats! Ce film est top.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ives!

First of all congrats to your film!! For some reason, I instantly knew which characters you animated ;)

I have stumbled across something that should be interesting for you:

A genius at work!

Congrats to your film, take care!


Marmax said...

Great work!

Anonymous said...

Hey ! jle reconais le modèle moustachu !
Jl'avais eu l'an dernier, il fait des trucs de fous même !!

En fait, ils font tous le tour des écoles ...

DJEDY said...

tu trouve pas que rodion ou rodgeune ( je sai plus comment il s'appelle)fait toujours un peu les même, je reconnais celle que ta dessiné, il les fait aussi chez nous...

Patrick McMicheal said...

Hey, I really love your style and I especially love the "leah" sketches!
I am currently browsing your entire blog right now! Great stuff.